A Brief History of the Spy

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A Brief History of the Spy Book Cover A Brief History of the Spy
Paul Simpson
True Crime
Running PressBook Pub

Taking readers into the dangerous true world of espionage, this brief, yet thrilling, history provides an in-depth look at the Great Game, from the height of the Cold War to the War of Terror. Original.


A Brief History of the Spy

This brief history offers a concise overview of “the Great Game” to uncover the true world of espionage beyond such fictional agents, with a clear focus on 1945 onwards, from the height of the Cold War to the War on Terror.

From the end of the Second World War to the present day, the world has changed immeasurably. The art of spying has changed too, as spies have reacted to changing threats. Here you will find the fascinating stories of real-life spies, both famous and obscure, from either side of the Iron Curtain, along with previously secret details of War on Terror operations.

Detailed stories of individual spies are set in the context of the development of the major espionage agencies, interspersed with anecdotes of gadgets, trickery, honeytraps and assassinations worthy of any fictional spy.

A closing section examines the developing New Cold War, as Russia and the West confront each other once again.


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