5 Dash Cams That Will Give You An Extra Pair Of Eyes While Driving

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Dash cams (or Dashboard Camera or Car Cameras) according to Wikipedia are onboard cameras that continuously record the view through a vehicle’s windscreen. They may be attached to the interior windscreen or to the top of the dashboard, by suction cup or adhesive-tape mount. Dashcams may provide video evidence in the event of an accident.

Dash cam use is getting widespread all over the world as they provide footage in case of motor vehicle accidents. Dash cam videos may be used as evidence. Time is saved in investigations and sketches as the video will tell the story.

Videos from dash cams have been posted in YouTube, Facebook and other social media sites. Accidents, traffic violators, law-breakers, counter-flowers, red-light beaters and abusive traffic enforcers are some of the examples of the videos being posted in social media sites.

And since you have a dash cam, you can drive with confidence. It will also be a reminder to drive defensively which in the end will make you a better driver.

There are many dash cams for sale available and we are taking a look at 5 of the best dash cams.  These five best dash cams have   different features, from high end to entry level versions.  Prices vary from affordable and some might cost a little bit more.

This is quite a lengthy post.  To make reading the article easier, the post has been split into 6 parts.  This is the main article you are reading and the five dash cams reviewed have their own separate pages.  To browse any dash cam directly, just click on the dash cam model or picture below and you will be redirected to the specific model you chose.  Or you can navigate using the page numbers below or the text links that redirect you to the next dash cam on the list.

Transcend DrivePro 520

Transcend DrivePro 50

HP f800g

Transcend DrivePro 200

Transcend DrivePro 220


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