How To Choose A Baby High Chair

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Ria on her high chair

My daughter has been feeding Ria, my grand-daughter, using a foldable bassinet set on the floor, like this:


Bassinet and Stool

This bassinet has been in the family for 22 years, my eldest daughter being the first to use this followed by our next two kids.  Think about quality and durability.  Take note that the fabric lining has yellowed with age too.  I could not find anything like it right now.  Maybe you could.

While we are eating our meals at the dining table, Ria will be on the floor secured on her bassinet.  She would keep on whining because she could not see what we are doing.  I also realized that my daughter, while sitting on a stool, is already having a difficult time feeding Ria.  One day, after selling all our puppies (we also breed dogs), I told my wife that it is about time we get Ria a high chair.  Why? A high chair helps your child develop their eating and social skills.

Since traffic in our area is horrible, I decided that the best way to get the high chair was to do it online.  So off I go to search for the best high chair available online.  I wanted one that is similar to restaurant high chairs due to simplicity.  I did not realize that there were too many to choose from, you can see from HERE or HERE.

What criteria did I set on how to choose the best baby high chair for Ria?

  • cheap high chair
  • has a safety belt
  • stable
  • easy to move around
  • easy to assemble
  • collapsible for easy storage
  • removable tray
  • easy to clean


After going through the whole selection of high chairs, we finally decided on the IKEA white/silver ANTILOP Highchair.  This high chair met the criteria we set. Your child will dine in style with Ikea’s white/silver ANTILOP Highchair with safety belt and white highchair tray. It is easy to disassemble and transport. Safety belt included. This product does require assembly. Wipe clean with a mild soapy solution.

About the Product

  • Stable but easy to move anywhere
  • Collapsible for easy storage
  • Easy to assemble
  • Favorite in restaurants and hotels worldwide for its safety
  • Safety belt included to keep baby from standing up
  • Removable tray so you can choose to use or not
  • Easy to clean
  • Raised edge prevents spills from ending up on the floor
  • Easy to disassemble and transport
  • This product requires assembly 

What some customers say about this:

  • I love this high chair. Hard to explain why it works so well, but it’s very easy to clean, it’s simple and effective! It’s lightweight and easy to maneuver. I’m buying 4 pieces for my new daycare.
  • This is the best high chair! It was recommended from a friend. It is light weight, comfortable, and incredibly easy to clean. No additional parts to clean.
  • Simple. Easy to clean. Not an eye sore like most high chairs. Love it!
  • My daughter confirmed that my grandson was very happy with the highchair. Thank you for making them both happy.
  • Best high chair for health nuts, so easy to clean. i still use it to cut my son’s hair in it even, and he’s 9. it’s so practical and easy to clean and doesn’t tip over. love this high chair!



===>   Get the IKEA white/silver ANTILOP Highchair HERE.

===>  If you are from the Philippines, you can get it HERE.

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