How To Make Money Online – An Honest Review Of “Pure Profit Payday”

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Pure Profit Payday

Nowadays, people are trying to figure out ways on how to make money online in order to get rich.  Just try to Google “how to make money online” (include quotes) and you will see that there are more than 26 million results.  But the problem with how to earn money online is the fact that we do not know the “hows” of doing it.

Pure Profit Payday is a product that will show the user how to set up an online business almost from scratch overnight, using free services that are ready to download from the internet.  By using these free tools and services, you will then learn very quickly how to plug them into free traffic sources. This free traffic can then be used to generate your very own email list which will enable you to start earning commissions online.

What is Pure Profit Payday?

The Pure Profit Payday (PPP) Front End (FE) product is a PDF guide (86 pages).  PPP teaches people how to use the tools, solutions and resources in an entirely free way.  After applying all of them, you will get increased traffic, build an email list and start to earn money online.

What is inside the Front End (FE) product of Pure Profit Payday?

Chapter 1 – Introduction 

Chapter 2 – Email Marketing Service 

Chapter 3 – Hosting & Domains 

Chapter 4 – Offers to Promote 

Chapter 5 – Landing Pages 

Chapter 6 – Traffic 

Chapter 7 – More free traffic strategies 

Chapter 8 – Email 

Chapter 9 – How can you ramp your business to the next level 

Chapter 10 – Free resources guide 

FREE BONUS 1 – Free traffic ultimate resource list 

FREE BONUS 2 – Paid traffic ultimate resource list 

What are the PROS of Pure Profit Payday?

Very Easy To Learn

Pure Profit Payday is a fantastic starter training product if you have none or very minimal experience of earning commissions online. It affords you the ability to start setting up profitable campaigns for a very small initial investment.

Free (or cheap) Tools

The tools and methods in this product are the very same tools and methods that most internet marketers use.  Paying for an auto-responder (there is a free option) is the only monthly cost that can be incurred.


For the cost of a coffee and sandwich at Starbucks, this is a no brainer investment if you want to achieve success.

What are the CONS of Pure Profit Payday?

Upsells and Downsells

Upsells and Downsells could be irritating if you purchase the Front End Product.  It will take you seven pages before you get to your download page.  I just said NO to the upsells and downsells until I reached my download page.

Looks Like A Scam

Because of the upsells and downsells you might think that you got scammed.  However, the Front End Product is a legitimate one, so no worries here.


Should you buy Pure Profit Payday?  My answer is YES if you do not have any idea on how to do Internet Marketing.  Pure Profit Payday gives you the required knowledge from basic to advanced.  This is not about how to make money fast,  but it will teach you the methods to make money.  The product provides you with the ability to earn money independently.  Pure Profit Payday is an investment worth the time and effort.  Thank you for reading through my review of Pure Profit Payday.