The Spymasters of Israel

The Spymasters of Israel

History of the Israeli Secret Intelligence Services

The Definitive Account of the Intelligence Chiefs Who Helped Shape the Destiny of a Nation (From Amazon)
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The Spymasters of Israel is the definitive account of the intelligence chiefs who helped shape the destiny of Israel.  It is about their intrigues, their blunders and their many triumphs.  Israel’s intelligence agencies include the Mossad (national intelligence agency of Israel), Aman (military intelligence) and Shin Bet (internal security).

Some of the highlights include:

The Spymasters of Israel is a book that I found interesting.  I find it somewhat slow and laborious in places, especially when laying the groundwork of the political history of the Mossad, it’s leadership and operations. The stories of actual espionage activity told throughout the book were exciting.  This was because they were true. The book discusses amazing coincidences, for good and for bad, that affected the outcomes of their operations.  The book also gives us an insight  to the daring and creative formulations of their tasks. The author of The Spymasters of Israel appeared to be impartial and objective in his presentation of the data.  He showed respect for the people he documented in the book.  But the author was also honest about their failures and human peculiarities. There is  no bias in the presentation.  You will end up admiring the talent and dedication of the people involved in the business of establishing and protecting the nation. The discussion of clandestine activity and military operations in the wars the Israelis have been involved in and won reinforced the idea that the nation has survived against all odds.  It could be even called miraculous in some accounts. Israelis say that the first war they lose will be the last.  Why? Because every war they’ve fought so far has been a war for survival. I recommend this book for people who are history buffs.  The Spymasters of Israel appeals also to people interested in international espionage.  You will also learn about the unique way the nation of Israel has had to operate to get where they are today.

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