[BOOK REVIEW] A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 4)

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A Feast for Crows Book Cover A Feast for Crows
George R. R. Martin
November 8, 2005

THE BOOK BEHIND THE FOURTH SEASON OF THE ACCLAIMED HBO SERIES GAME OF THRONES Few books have captivated the imagination and won the devotion and praise of readers and critics everywhere as has George R. R. Martin’s monumental epic cycle of high fantasy. Now, in A Feast for Crows, Martin delivers the long-awaited fourth book of his landmark series, as a kingdom torn asunder finds itself at last on the brink of peace . . . only to be launched on an even more terrifying course of destruction. A FEAST FOR CROWS It seems too good to be true. After centuries of bitter strife and fatal treachery, the seven powers dividing the land have decimated one another into an uneasy truce. Or so it appears. . . . With the death of the monstrous King Joffrey, Cersei is ruling as regent in King’s Landing. Robb Stark’s demise has broken the back of the Northern rebels, and his siblings are scattered throughout the kingdom like seeds on barren soil. Few legitimate claims to the once desperately sought Iron Throne still exist—or they are held in hands too weak or too distant to wield them effectively. The war, which raged out of control for so long, has burned itself out. But as in the aftermath of any climactic struggle, it is not long before the survivors, outlaws, renegades, and carrion eaters start to gather, picking over the bones of the dead and fighting for the spoils of the soon-to-be dead. Now in the Seven Kingdoms, as the human crows assemble over a banquet of ashes, daring new plots and dangerous new alliances are formed, while surprising faces—some familiar, others only just appearing—are seen emerging from an ominous twilight of past struggles and chaos to take up the challenges ahead. It is a time when the wise and the ambitious, the deceitful and the strong will acquire the skills, the power, and the magic to survive the stark and terrible times that lie before them. It is a time for nobles and commoners, soldiers and sorcerers, assassins and sages to come together and stake their fortunes . . . and their lives. For at a feast for crows, many are the guests—but only a few are the survivors. From the Hardcover edition.

A Feast for Crows is the fourth book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series by George RR Martin. It continues the story of A Storm of Swords and at the same time runs simultaneously with events in the following novel, A Dance with Dragons. The War of the Five Kings is almost over. Robb, Joffrey, Renly and Balon are all dead. Stannis has fled to the Wall, where Jon Snow has become Lord Commander. Tommen, Joffrey’s younger brother, now rules in King’s Landing guided by his mother, the Queen Regent Cersei. Tywin is dead, murdered by Tyrion. Sansa hides in the Vale, protected by Littlefinger who has murdered his wife Lysa Arryn and named himself Protector of the Vale and guardian of Robert Arryn. For a complete plot summary, visit WIKIPEDIA or the ASOIAF WIKI.

a feast for crows

GRRM originally planned this to be very long but was forced to split the novel into two. Minor characters were included into the POV storylines, leaving the reader un-impressed as these characters appear to be un-interesting, although they will prove important for the next novel, A Dance Of Dragons, as the storyline runs con-currently. I wasn’t totally attached to this book but had to read it to prepare for the next novel. A major highlight here is when Cersei’s plan to get Margaery charged for adultery by the Faith Militant backfires on her and she herself is the one charged.

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